angela + makeup

My life in makeup has been an amazing journey. I started by copying faces on my little sister, like that of Paulina Porizkova from the 1985 Vogue cover.
I have had some amazing teachers along the way; David Jones, Sally Walton and Laura Mercier cosmetics - each one helped to bring new ideas to my perspective of how makeup is translated though my artistry. I presently live and work in Canada. I have also traveled to the USA and England both to teach makeup and to create makeup looks for brides and their loved ones.
I absolutely love being a makeup artist and really enjoy sharing everything I know about it.


I am a professional makeup artist. I am passionate about my work and have a positive attitude.
I love teaching women how to apply their makeup and recommending products that would make them look the most beautiful in my eyes. When working with a client I focus on creating a relaxed environment. I want to teach them to cultivate the feeling that they can achieve the beauty they desire. Inward beauty grows and flourishes though the application of makeup. I bring out women's confidence for every day, a wedding day or a photo shoot.
Beauty is ever-changing, from day to day I can feel one way to another. On a good day it may be easy to pull my look together because I have a few styles that always work. On a bad day,  a day where I just don’t recognize myself in the mirror, I have a few tricks that make me feel more connected with myself, like my cherry pink lipstick with a lip liner that stays put, lots of bronzer to warm me up & a summer fragrance. This gives me that beach feeling, and reminds me of how much I love beach days - sandy salty hair and the sweet summer air. These are some of the tricks I want to customize for you, to make your beauty regime less complicated.
My philosophy on life is based on  opening my heart to the joy of beauty - that goodness provides a wealth of happiness and I always live with huge respect of a greater source, a source to which we are all connected.
I feel beauty is reflected in everything.